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Chrysoprase stone pendant



Chrysoprase, in lithotherapy, symbolizes compassion and gentleness. It contributes heavily to the fulfillment and personal development because it brings questioning, taking a step back, and healing the soul.

In light of being the most expensive and sought after variety of chalcedony due to its rarity.


Moreover, on the psychic and spiritual level, this mineral that is chrysoprase stone is recognized as a liberating stone: this can be justified insofar as it rids the mind of everything that could hinder its natural development. . It would give courage to people subject to doubts or lack of self-confidence, while offering new perspectives: creativity and inspiration often result from this.


It is also known to have virtues such as improving concentration and relaxation. No doubt this is why it is considered the stone of maternal love: thanks to its way of channeling positive feelings such as love or tenderness.

Among the many virtues it has, was that of relaxation, appeasement: it goes without saying that it will be a perfect help for little sleepers, or for anyone suffering from sleep disorders since its presence would cause a soothing for a heavy and restful sleep, why not with the presence of a crystal.

Chrysoprase with Copper Wire

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