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A little bit of me!

I have always been a creator!

I have been a general contractor in construction and renovation of high-end finishing, since my youngest age.  I have always loved creating with my hands and passionate about precision work.

Following a physical health problem, I had to radically reorient my career choice. As I am a spiritual and positive being, it was by letting myself be guided by my intuitions and the new path that was being created in my life that I discovered this new passion.

You should know that since 2019, my spouse and I have opened a Wellness Center, in personal and spiritual development, which is calledÖ Heart of Being.  It is in this same space that in 2020 we opened our minds and created an esoteric shop.

That's where it all started!  When buying stones for the store, I felt a call to creation and I became interested in their compositions and benefits. As I am an autodidact, I started to discover and explore different approaches and ways of creating with stones.

As precision and meticulous work is necessary for this type of creation, I already had these skills, so I started to practice and that's when I decided to become a jewelry designer.

All these beautiful qualities come together to create jewelry that you will be able to wear on you and thus receive the benefits of the stones and the work itself! raw, mixed with my positive energy of love and light, filled with the intentions that I bring into consciousness during creation.

My greatest desire is that my jewels be recognized throughout the world, for their beauty and their benefits.

Thanks to life and thanks to all of you for being part of this mission of life.

Sharing Peace, Love and Wisdom across the world, for we are all oneness, all equal.

  Sincerely, Patrick xxx

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